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About us
At RCKSTR Yachts we combine a love for the sea and the ambition to create unique technologically advanced fully customized aluminum driver’s boats and motor yachts. All hand – built in the Netherlands. Made from aluminum, your RCKSTR Yacht will offer you and your quests a genuinely luxurious nautical experience. A RCKSTR Yacht could also serve as a chase boat or the finest luxury tender to your superyacht. We will work closely with our naval architect to ensure a perfect match for you. You will be assured of a superlative combination of Dutch craftsmanship and design with high – end materials and an eye for innovation.

Our story
RCKSTR Yachts was founded in 2020. Our founders each at the helm of their own field decided to join forces out of a shared love of a nautical lifestyle. The unique feeling of being on the water, the sense of freedom and happiness is what brought them together. We aim to capture this feeling in everything we create and do.

Both of our founders are Dutch entrepreneurs who have a shared passion for technology. One of them is an aluminum welder by profession and the founder of a successful company that built tailor – made equipment for luxury mega yachts. Combining the experience from different industries we build unique technologically advanced fully customized aluminum driver’s boats. Naturally, all handcrafted in the Netherlands. A strong brand derives from a strong vision. At RCKSTR Yachts we believe that your yacht should reflect your identity and contribute to creating memorable moments. Therefore, quality, and custom detailing combined with versatile designs are at the heart of our brand.

Your boating desire is what drives us!
It is also possible to realize your dream boat together with the RCKSTR te am. Together with our designer we can design a boat that fully meets your personal requirements.