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RCKSTR Yachts Care & Repair Service:

Taking good care of your newly purchased dream boat is of great importance. Hence why we offer multiple care packages, allowing you a carefree yachting experience.

You will find the RCKSTR Yachts Care & Repair service package options below:

  1. RCKSTR Yachts Summer Service Package
    The Summer Service is provided by our local service provider. Aside from that will we able to support in finding a berth for your RCKSTR Yachts local to you. As well as the fact that we offer a technical support service on the Dutch waters. All for a carefree summer on your RCKSTR Yacht with your loved one.

  2. RCKSTR Yacht Winter Storage Package
    Make sure your RCKSTR has a warm winter, we can help you find the perfect location for winter storage. All you will have to do is hand over the keys to your yacht and we will take care of the rest. We will pick up your boat from any location in the Nether lands to be transported to the chosen winter storage location. Your RCKSTR will be cleaned and provided with the necessary yearly maintenance. Your yacht will be completely prepped for the summer season and will be delivered to your preferred location once you are ready to discover the water again.

  3. RCKSTR Yachts Winter Care Package
    Would you not want the best for your RCKSTR during the winter? This package will provide that for you. The moment your RCKSTR goes into winter storage, we will check the y acht completely, front to back, top to bottom. Making sure that you any unfortunate (technical) problems that you might have experienced over the summer, will be taken care off. We will update the onboard computer system, do repairs, and replace parts that need to be changed (using original parts).