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Jimi 25

Jimi 25FT is one of a kind. We have designed a ‘sloep’ model that looks and feels different from its counterparts. This stunning boat will be fully built by hand in the Netherlands. Even though there are modern elements to its design, Jimi is still a very classic boat. Jimi can take you over the canals but also on bigger water. Sail electric or with a 200 hp motor. Jimi can do it all!

The boat can be configured in many ways and is customizable to your wishes. Jimi is thanks to its self-draining cockpit almost completely maintenance free. You will not have to worry about your boat filling up with water. In addition, the boat is very stable, so you can pleasantly sail with larger groups of friends and family. In short, this is a boat that meets everyone’s needs, whether you want to enjoy a day of watersports or if you are cruising through the canals with a lovely glass of wine.


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